Camloc Quarter Turns . The corrosion resistance of Quarter-turn fasteners depends on the material and the surface treatments the Quarter-turn fastener has undergone. The Quarter-turn fasteners have a high vibration resistance with a wide range of sizes. Camloc offer quarter-turn , push-turn and push-push fasteners for applications where easy and quick access is required on a regular basis such as heres and machine guarding. Click here . Camloc quick release fasteners are captive meaning that the fasteners remained attached to the machine or the guarding when removed. Anemo Engineering is an official distributor of camloc parts and supplies camloc quarter turns and latches all around the globe. This website is designed to help engineers in the USA to determine the correct camloc quarter turn , camloc and Keenserts are registered brand names from Arconic.

Camloc Quarter-Turn Fasteners This tool will work with both the light and heavy-duty Camloc stud assemblies. In order to install the studs, it is herepress the internal spring. This can be quite difficult without the proper tool. Camloc Installation Pliers . . . Camloc quick turn Fasteners . Camloc Push Turn Fasteners . Camloc miniature quarter turn fasteners . Camloc Stainless Steel quarter turn fasteners . Camloc 5F Series, 99F Series, 50F Series, 2600 / 2700 series. Camloc 4002 Series, 991F Series, V936 Series, 713F Series, 715F Series. Camloc 716F Series, 720F Series, V964L Series, V965L Series. Quarter Turn Fasteners . Monroe Aerospace is a stocking distributor of Aerospace and Mil-Spec hardware. We have an extensive inventory of quarter turn fasteners . Every part that we sell is in Factory new (FN) condition and we herepany’s certificate of conformance for all parts on every order. See below for our products.

QUICK OPERATING 1/ 4-TURN FASTENERS 4002 SERIES. Notes: 1. Use to seal against leakage of air, dust or water. Install with herepound such as 3M #EC-847 or adhesive silicon sealant . Browse Quarter Turn Fasteners in the Wicks Aircraft Supply catalog including Airloc Stainless Fasteners , Camloc Fasteners ,Dzus,Southco Fasteners , Camloc Stud Pliers, Camloc Snap Ring Tool, Camloc 2700 Dimple Tool, Camloc 4000 Series Grommet Dimple Tool,Ca U.S. Manufacturer Distributor of the highest grade stainless steel - Turn Panel Fasteners , Grommets Receptacles, and many other innovative fastening solutions . Instructions and Videos. Scroll for more about Skybolt Aerospace Fasteners . Cloc Aloc Zloc. Superior Quality Panel Fastener Manufacturing. If it flies, races, or launches,

2600/2700 Series General Purpose 1/4-Turns. QUICK OPERATING 1/4- TURN FASTENERS 2600/2700 SERIES Ordering Information Note: Receptacles determine which stud is selected, . finishes, please contact Camloc Products Division. Plastic Knob Styles. Basic Part Nos. *Stud lengths to -15.