Prepare the extractor and remove the damaged screw with the following steps: Grip the extractor bit firmly with a T-handle or locking pliers. Place the extractor bit into the pilot hole in the damaged screw . Using a hammer, tap the extractor firmly into the pilot hole. Remove a Stripped or Broken Screw Tools Materials. Product costs, availability and item numbers may vary online or by market. Prevent Stripped or Broken Screws . Select the right screws for the job. Remove a Screw with a Stripped Head. If you forget the pilot hole or drive a screw too quickly,. Just yesterday I was in a deep sea of melancholy with my head in my hands after breaking an EZ-Out bolt extractor into a bolt that had broken in my engine block.

The Rescue Bit was originally created to remove broken screw extractors and easy outs. With no other tool on the market to remedy this problem, the inventor created this highly effective product to handle the job and so much more. Weld a piece of stock metal onto the broken extractor bit. Use a piece of stock large enough to give you enough leverage to turn the broken bit out of the fastener it is stuck in. Drip a small amount of nitric acid onto the broken extractor bit. The nitric acid will dissolve the edges of the extract bit. Dec 02, 2011 Once you've managed to get the stud extractor out, throw the set in the bin, they're the tools of the devil! Best way to remove a sheared stud/bolt is either try and weld something on it and wind it out, or if thats not possible, drill it out with a left-hand drill bit, start small work up.

Engage the Extractor . Next, insert the extractor into the broken screw hole and give it a firm tap with a hammer. Then push down on the extractor as you twist it counterclockwisewith locking pliers or a tap wrench to remove the screw .