List of screw drives Slotted drives. The slot screw drive has a single slot in the fastener head . Cruciform drives. The following are screw drives based on a cruciform shape; i.e., a cross shape. Square drives. A Robertson, also known as a square [35] or Scrulox [36] Screw head types . Screw s are heremon form of joining technology. Force is transferred to the screw by means of positive locking. For this reason each screw requires a counterpart fitting its profile in the form of a screw driver, L-key or bit. Slotted, Phillips and Pozidriv cross- head , hexagonal and square head screw heremon. This screw drive type is very popular – and again, you find them in a very wide range of applications. Common sizes are Phillips #1, #2 and #3. heremon Phillips size is #2. See our available Phillips bits. Phillips Tamper-resistant. heremon, but when you need one, you need one.

Fastener Type Chart Fastener Categories. Screw s with a smooth shank and tapered point for use in wood. Head Styles. A countersunk head with a flat top. A countersunk head with a rounded top. Drive Types . The standard drive type for most screw s. Similar to Phillips. Nut Types. A six sided nut. Types of Screw s Head s. Basically, screw head s are divided into 2 categories. Countersunk Screw Head ; Non-Countersunk Screw Head ; For an instance just look at the head of the screw , and you will find that in the first one there is an angular shape underneath (Below) the head and in the second one there is a flat shape. BOLT SCREW HEAD TYPES . SLOT PHILLIPS hereBO SQUARE hereBO PHILLIPS HEX HEAD SLOTTED HEX SIX LOBE TYPES OF BOLT AND SCREW HEAD S PAN HEAD : heremended for new designs to replace round, truss and binding heads.

Phillips, Slotted, and Torx— OH My! The Tale of The Screw Heads. How Many Different Kinds of Screw Head Types Are there? What Are Slotted Head and Phillips Screw Drives Used for? Torque and Stripping If you’ve ever gone to the tool box, grabbed a screwdriver, and realized you picked the wrong one, you’ve probably wondered why there are so many different kinds of screw head types in the first place? Wouldn’t it just be easier to standardize all screw heads so they’re the same? After all, it’s been immensely helpful in the electronics industry. Remember when all those cell phones had different chargers?However, the fact remains that screws haven’t been standardized. Is there a good reason why See more here heremon Types of Screw Drives - Craftech Industries . heremon- types - screw -drives The slotted screw drive simply has a single slot in the head of the fastener and is driven by a flat-bladed screwdriver . The slotted screw drive was the first to be developed and was for centuries heremon, simplest and cheapest drive to make.