D4 - DZUS Standard-Line Quarter-Turn Fasteners. Favorable lead times for a variety of popular styles and sizes provide herepetitive alternative. Southco 's range of DZUS Quarter Turn Fasteners are the world's broadest range of quick access fasteners . Designed to replace screws in high frequency access applications. Southco D5-PFSC35-40A-190 DZUS\u00AE Panel Line Quarter - Turn Fasteners

Quarter-turn Fasteners Small. millimeter (inch) millimeter (inch) Dimensions without tolerances are for reference only. Installation 1. Prepare hole. 2. Use one of the methods shown. Enter the No. 81 Stud Selection Table on pg. 273 with your Outer Panel Thickness using column for Part Number 0-55. Products Quick Access Fasteners DZUS Quarter - Turn Fasteners DZUS Push-to-Close, Turn -to-Open Quarter - Turn Fasteners D7 - DZUS Pilot/Arrow Quarter - Turn Fasteners (35) ABE is a global provider of MRO, Fastener and Assembly Hardware, Electromechanical, Electronic Connector, Terminal, LCD, hereplete range of B2B solutions for the OEM/ODM and CM business markets. ABE now offers the newest and broadest portfolio of Sensors, Resistors, Capacitors, Circuit Protection and Semiconductor products.

Southco Products Selection Tool DZUS\u00AE PANEX Quarter - Turn Fasteners **bisco industries is a preferred distributor of DZUS\u00AE PANEX Quarter - Turn Fasteners New Quarter-Turn Fastener Is ‘Captivating’. With simple installation and a high cycle life, these fasteners can be easily integrated into applications across a variety of different industries, from Aerospace to Enterprise Hardware. To learn more hereplete line of DZUS Quarter-Turn Fasteners, visit Southco’s Quarter-Turn Fasteners page. Southco's DZUS Quarter-Turn Fastener series has been providing reliable quick access for the last 80 years, facilitating quick and easy life cycle maintenance. Andrew Young, Business Development Manager, Transportation, Southco, Inc.