Fasteners and Hardware, We carry variety of types and sizes of Fasteners in Inch and Metric sizes. Anchors, Screws , Bolts , Nuts , Threaded Inserts, Washers . Home Shop Inch Fasteners Washers . Bolts and Nuts has a selection of washers for varying industrial applications. The types of washers available here include flat washers , thick fender washers , and lock washers . Flat washers are round outer diameter thin plates with a center hole punched to the size of the bolt or screw. Flat washers are used to distribute loads of threaded bolts , screws and nuts evenly as the fastener is tightened. Shop Standard Flat Washers . Flat Washers - Extra Thick. Extra thick flat washers thicker than standard flat washers .

Washers are used to evenly distribute loads of threaded bolts , screws and nuts as the fastener is tightened, preventing damage and pull through of the fastener . It also provides a flat and level surface for the nut , preventing it from later loosening or binding to the installation material. Hex Head Cap Screws ( Bolts ), Nuts , Flat Washers , Lock Washers 1035 Piece Nut Bolt and Washer Assortment Hex Head Bolts , Hex Nuts , Lock and Flat Washers Standard Coarse Thread with 30 Plastic Bins by US Bolt Kits Since 1977 herepany, Inc. has been a leading supplier of fasteners, hardware and accessories including nuts , bolts , screws , washers , rivets, threaded rod, masonry anchors, tools, and chemicals to the construction, commercial, and manufacturing industries throughout the world.

If you need specific hardware for a job or if you are replenishing your shop bolt bins, Shoup Manufacturing offers a wide selection of sizes to meet your needs. Choose from hex bolts , carriage bolts , plow bolts , hex nuts , lock nuts , washers , and u- bolts , If you need help, dealing with our staff members will be a breeze, as we take great pride in custome Acorn Nuts Carriage Bolts Concrete Anchors - Wall Anchors Drywall Screws Elevator Bolts Flat Washers Hex Bolts Hex Cap Screws Hex Nuts Hex Socket Screws Keys Knurled Nuts Lag Bolts / Lag Screws Lifting Rings / Eye Bolts Lock Washers Machine Bolts Machine Screws Nylon-Insert Locknuts Particle Board Screws Plow Bolts Pins Pipe Plugs Self- Find fasteners for every project, even hard-to-find nails, screws , bolts and nuts . Save more when you buy in bulk. Hang artwork or build a new deck- we have the fasteners to get the job done the right way.