GARDNER SCREW CORPORATION Screw Machine Products • Furniture Hardware • Metal Fasteners Stamping • Industrial Supplies Serving Industry Since 1923 Hi- Torque Wood Screws – Phillips 220 Union Street, Gardner, MA 01440-0862 • Telephone (978) 632-0850 • Fax (978) 632-4606 • Email: here here 01F-09/07 Suggested Maximum Torque Values for Screws and Bolts. This applies to clean and and dry parts. A lubricated bolt requires less torque to attain the same clamping force as a non-lubricated bolt. The values are stated in Inch pounds. avoiding pilot holes, and using the proper torque when driving screws . Over-torquing the screw had the greatest negative effect on screw withdrawal resistance with a 77% decrease in . • The holding power of wood screws decreases with increasing moisture content. Panels of 30%

Wood screws are classified by the type of drive, the shape of head, its length, and whether it is designed for wood or metal; this page refers to wood screws only. Types of Drives Driver refers to the indented shape on the screw head used to turn the screw . TABLE OF CONTENTS 1473 NAILS, SPIKES, AND WOOD SCREWS 1476 Wire Nails and Spikes 1477 Wood Screws RIVETS AND RIVETED JOINTS 1478 Riveted Joint Design Note 'The values listed above are for clean and dry parts free of lubricants and thread lockers. A lubricated fastener must have the torque values reduced 25 - 30% from the above ratings.

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