LEGO DIMENSIONS™ LEGO DIMENSIONS™ is where LEGO building meets video games in a crazy mash-up multiverse. Place the iconic minifigures, figures and 3-in-1 buildable vehicles on the LEGO Toy Pad and watch heree to life in the game. The Fujitec Escalators Other Specs of The Fujitec Escalators Slim Line Escalator Dimensions How An Escalator Works There are three types available: the Type VS, Type VL and Type VP. The Type VS has tempered glass and the Type VL has lighting below the handrail. The Type VP is constructed of stainless steel. The width between the balustrades is 2′-7 for the VL model 800 and 3”-11” for the model 1200 VL. For the VP model 800, it is 2′-3 9/16 and for the VP model 1200 it is 3′-7 5/16. The escalator dimensions, in terms of step width, are 2′ for the VP model 800 and 3′-3 for the VP model 1200. The incli. See more here iso4753_iso 4753 - here https://here/s/iso 4753 Translate this page iso 4711 specifies the form and dimensisno of ends of parts with external iso metric screw thread (e.g. bolt , screw and stud ends) heremended . 普通 BS EN ISO 4753-2011 - 道客巴巴