LPfast manufactures and distributes quality security tools , security bits and anti theft sockets for tamper resistant , tamper proof and high security nuts, bolts and screws . All styles and types of security tools , tamper resistant and tamper proof tools . Scroll down to view all items. Security fasteners provide an added level of security with a drive design that prevents removal with ordinary screw drivers. Tamper - resistant security screws must be installed and removed with special tools designed to coordinate with the drive style. Klein Tools Tamperproof Bit Set (32 -Piece) Includes 9 TORX, 6 fraction hex, 4 spanner and 3 TORQ-set bits . Block slides over most screwdriver shafts for easy bit access and storage; . A very nice addition to my toolbox but I actually needed a point tamper proof set. Date published: .

Quad-Lok Tamper Proof Screws offer excellent tool engagement to bit - greatly reducing 'cam-out'. Not just a square drive security screw with a pin, Quad-Lok is a solution! The driver bits are only sold to authorized personnel. 18Pcs 50mm 100mm Length Torx Screwdriver Set, S2 Steel 1/4 Inch Hex Shank T6-hereic Torx Head Security Tamper Proof Star 6 Point Screwdriver Kit Tools by OSOF 1.0 out of 5 stars 1 Tools for Tamper - Proof Security Fasteners . Featured Items #10AB x 3/4 Security Self-Drilling Screw - Pan Torx Head - 410 Stainless Steel - 100 Pk . Not Yet Rated. $23.00 . 1/4-20 Tamper - Proof Security Breakaway Nut - Non-Removable - Aluminum - Made In USA - Pkg of 100 . Not Yet Rated.

Snake Eyes Spanner: The original Snake Eyes Spanner requires a matching driver bit reducing the chances of unauthorized removal. Available in 18-8 stainless steel in a wide range of sizes and head styles. Some machine screws available in brass. Nuts are zinc alloy. Tamper proof screws have been developed to prevent or at least significantly hinder the possibility of interference with the fixture. Some heremon tamper - proof screw types are listed below: Pin Hex head screws .